Super Motivated (not really)


Its been a few days since I started this blog. And then never posted again. I discovered something, writing is hard. No less than 2 blog posts run through my mind everyday. Its the getting it on “paper” and out of my head that poses the challenge. Can I get a pensieve like Dumbledore had??? (oh yeah, I’m a total Harry Potter nerd)

The problem is two-fold really. Time. The end of the day when I’m thoroughly exhausted or during the day when its so loud and chaotic I can barely hang on until its wine o’clock. Choices, choices. The second and much less easily conquered demon…..personality. Ever take a personality test?? I’m an INTJ. We have slightly perfectionistic tendencies which more often than not, leads to doing nothing.

Oh, I could not even begin to tell you how true this is.:

I’ll post some other time about the Meyers-Briggs test and personality types. But in the interest of doing something rather than nothing, I’m going to TRY to attempt a 365 blog challenge if you will. A little something every day. This is hard. I don’t like being mediocre at things, especially things on display.

Day one.

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