Super Motivated (not really)


Its been a few days since I started this blog. And then never posted again. I discovered something, writing is hard. No less than 2 blog posts run through my mind everyday. Its the getting it on “paper” and out of my head that poses the challenge. Can I get a pensieve like Dumbledore had??? (oh yeah, I’m a total Harry Potter nerd)

The problem is two-fold really. Time. The end of the day when I’m thoroughly exhausted or during the day when its so loud and chaotic I can barely hang on until its wine o’clock. Choices, choices. The second and much less easily conquered demon…..personality. Ever take a personality test?? I’m an INTJ. We have slightly perfectionistic tendencies which more often than not, leads to doing nothing.

Oh, I could not even begin to tell you how true this is.:

I’ll post some other time about the Meyers-Briggs test and personality types. But in the interest of doing something rather than nothing, I’m going to TRY to attempt a 365 blog challenge if you will. A little something every day. This is hard. I don’t like being mediocre at things, especially things on display.

Day one.


Sewing and schizophrenia

Ooo! Shiny!

When it comes to sewing (or knitting, or any other craft really) it’s mostly driven by my whims. My whims are schizophrenic. I’ve made countless items for a particular event or because I really liked the pattern or the fabric was screaming my name. These items never get worn again. I have a closet full of one hit wonders.

Like the super mature person I am, I’ve decided to start making clothes I actually want to wear. On a Tuesday. To Target. I’m not a “lady who lunches” and my wardrobe should reflect that. So this fall I’m on a mission to create pieces that are part of a coordinating wardrobe.  I know, this is profound stuff.

So what’s on my list? Blouses. Several button up, 40s era short sleeved tops that can be layered for these horrible Chicago winters (did I mention I’m perpetually cold?). Technically under the knitting category and not sewing, but whatever….sweaters. Again, 40s era fine gauge “jumpers” because OMG I’m freezing. At least one pair of wool trousers, more if they don’t make me homicidal. And of course skirts, lots and lots of skirts. A few things I plan to purchase are jeans (I’m not that crazy. Yet) and some shoes that can actually be worn during the winter. Seriously. I have lived in the Midwest my whole life and clearly I do not like winter because none of my shoes can be worn below 50 degrees. We need to move.

I’ll be posting projects so you can come along for the ride through all my successes and lots of seam-ripping.